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You are ready for the next big step in your career ?

WP Management Solutions supports, accompanies and coaches you on your way to your next management position in the national and international environment.

With commitment to the top

The path from application to top position is a process that requires care and attention. At WP Management Solutions, we guide you through every step of this process individually. From creating a strong CV and preparing for interviews to negotiating your contract – we are always by your side.

Our approach is holistic. We look not only at your professional skills and experience, but also at your personal strengths and ambitions. We believe that the key to success in a leadership position lies in the right fit of culture, team and personal values. And we take this into account when matching people and organisations.

The first impression
Applicants submit their resume and a cover letter outlining their qualifications and motivation for the position they are seeking. This is the first hurdle where applicants have the chance to make a strong first impression.
The eye of the storm
After reviewing the application documents, selected candidates are invited to a first interview. This is a crucial phase in which applicants have to demonstrate their skills and experience. This already gives us a good picture of visions, goals and ideas.
The "deep-dive
The most successful candidates from the first interview are invited to a second, more in-depth interview. In this phase, candidates are assessed for their cultural fit and leadership qualities. Here, we already have specific positions and companies in mind.
The fine tuning
After the second interview, the final candidates are identified. They are invited to participate in a series of tests and assessments to further validate their skills and fit for the role.
The finish line
We create a short-list of suitable candidates who are presented to the company. The company makes the final decision and makes an offer to the selected candidate. This is the final milestone that candidates need to reach in order to secure their new top position.
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For candidates

A candidate who applies for a company through a recruitment consultancy can benefit from several advantages:

→ Access to hidden job openings: Many companies hire executive search firms to find qualified candidates for jobs that are not publicly advertised. These job openings are often referred to as “hidden” because they are not publicly advertised.


→ Confidentiality: When a candidate applies through a recruitment consultancy, he or she can be sure that his or her application will be handled discreetly. The recruitment consultancy will only forward the candidate’s application to the company if the candidate agrees to this. This can be especially helpful if the candidate is currently still working at another company and does not want his or her application to become public knowledge.

That's why Austria

As an employee, there are many good reasons why Austria is a great place to live and work.